Chrome Extensions

Dark Mode

How to Use

Click on the Dark Mode Toggle extension icon.
Click on the “Toggle Dark Mode” button to switch between regular and dark mode.


  1. One-click activation and deactivation of dark mode.
  2. Compatible with the majority of websites.
  3. Reduces glare and eye strain in low-light environments.
  4. Battery-efficient for OLED screens.

Dark Mode Toggle

“Dark Mode Toggle” is a useful Chrome extension that offers a quick and easy way to switch any website to a dark mode. This is particularly helpful for people who spend a lot of time browsing the internet at night, as it can help reduce eye strain and save battery life on OLED screens. By simply clicking a button, you can invert the colors of any website and transform it into a visually appealing dark theme.

One of the great things about Dark Mode Toggle is that it works on any website, whether you’re reading articles, watching videos, or just browsing. The extension ensures that images and videos retain their original look, so you can enjoy them just as much as you would in normal mode. Additionally, the dark theme enhances readability in low light, making it easier to read text without straining your eyes.

Overall, Dark Mode Toggle is a powerful tool that can greatly improve your browsing experience. Its simplicity and ease-of-use make it a must-have for anyone who spends time on the internet, especially during nighttime hours.

Privacy Policy

1. Introduction:

Thank you for choosing Dark Mode Toggle. Your privacy is important to us, and this policy outlines the types of information we might collect and how it’s used.

2. What Data We Collect:

Given the functionality of Dark Mode Toggle, we do not collect any personal data. The extension functions entirely locally, without the need for internet access, servers, or any form of data storage.

3. How We Use Data:

As we don’t collect any data, there’s no data to use, share, or store.

4. Third-Party Access:

No third parties have access to any data from this extension since no data is collected.

5. User’s Consent:

By using the Dark Mode Toggle extension, you hereby consent to our privacy policy and agree to its terms.

6. Changes to Our Privacy Policy:

Any changes we may make to our privacy policy in the future will be posted on this page. We advise you to check this page regularly for any changes.

7. Contact:

For any questions about this privacy policy, you can contact us at